Keir Bowden

Keir Bowden

Keir Bowden is BrightGen's CTO and is a Salesforce MVP. Also known as Bob Buzzard, Keir writes blogs to help others stay on top of developments at Salesforce.

How Prepared Are You for Salesforce AI Cloud?

On June 12th Salesforce announced AI Cloud, unifying the various GPT offerings, and bundling the additional technology needed to maximise its effectiveness. This includes Data Cloud, Tableau and Mulesoft. The immediate impact will be on productivity. We’ll all gain access to…

Hit for Six by Spring ’23

Spring 23 release webinar

As we came out of the short days of January into the slightly longer days of February, we at BrightGen ran the latest of our world famous Salesforce release webinars, covering the key features of the Spring 23 release. If…