Providing bespoke Salesforce solutions for your industry needs

BrightGen understands that, although Salesforce fits any kind of company, each industry has a set of different needs. Salesforce administrators may be tackling similar challenges, but their users’ requirements differ from industry to industry. We hire our Salesforce experts from across the industry to ensure that, when we start working with you, we hit the ground running.

Retail and consumer goods

Retailers and consumer goods and services organisations must embrace digital transformation to thrive. We help companies innovate and effectively respond to shifting customer behaviours and preferences.

Media and publishing

We’re living in an age when companies can either become the disrupter or the disrupted. Media and publishing leaders are leading the charge of disruption across industries.

Business services

To every client, we bring an operator’s mindset to help them create or grow their competitive advantage. We understand the complex customer experience and customer loyalty challenges unique to the industry.

Travel and transport

The new generation of travellers wants an omni-channel, seamless and highly personalised experience before, during and after their journey. BrightGen helps you to achieve this using the right combination of Salesforce solutions for your organisation.

Financial services

In the ever-changing world of financial services, you can’t afford to stand still. From banking and insurance to capital markets and real estate services, we have deep expertise to help transform your organisation.

Public sector and healthcare

Having worked with a range of public sector and healthcare institutions, our industry experts can tailor Salesforce’s out-of-the-box solutions to deliver better outcomes and to increase innovation.