Keir Bowden

Keir Bowden

Keir Bowden is BrightGen's CTO and is a Salesforce MVP. Also known as Bob Buzzard, Keir writes blogs to help others stay on top of developments at Salesforce.

A Year Remote

16th March 2021 marked the one year anniversary of BrightGen pivoting to a fully remote workforce. We knew it was possible, as we’d carried out a trial run the week before, but we didn’t know how well it would scale,…

Working remotely (and locally)

Working remotely is now the norm Work is no longer somewhere you go – it’s something you do! It’s something you do from pretty much anywhere, if you can and your team/employer can manage the timezones. The COVID-19 outbreak has…

All new Signature Capture on the AppExchange


BrightGen’s Signature Capture on the Salesforce AppExchange for Components is now even more powerful. BrightGen’s free Lightning Component allows users to capture a signature via a browser or mobile device, using an HTML5 canvas. It stores the captured signature as an attachment against a…