Webinar: Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes

The Salesforce Spring ’22 Release was packed full of new features! Our former Service Manager Clive Platt and Keir Bowden, BrightGen’s CTO and Salesforce MVP (a.k.a. Bob Buzzard), read through 500+ pages of release notes to summarise the best bits. Here were their top five features:

See Recent Changes in Forecast Categories

Your Sales Managers will love this, although the Reps may not be so keen! See week on week changes in forecast categories directly in the forecast. Headline styling in the forecast columns shows the direction of change, and you can hover over the column to see the exact details. 

Lightning on Tablet

The Salesforce mobile app now provides a full-width experience on iOS and Android tablets. This includes lightning apps, navigation, list view and lightning app builder preview. Rotation between landscape and portrait view is also supported. 


Orchestrator is the latest player in the automation stakes, and allows automation to be applied to a record at various points in its lifecycle. The automation can involve multiple people, and comprises one or more flows grouped into stages. Users receive email notifications about automation work that is assigned to them, and can action this through standard record pages.

Dynamic Gauge Charts

Dynamic gauge charts are dashboard gauge charts where the metric and target are dynamically generated from report summary or record fields, rather than hardcoded into the chart’s configuration. As your business changes, your dashboard gauge charts change to reflect this.

Define Order of Record Triggered Flows

Record triggered flows are a powerful automation tool, but if you had several of them defined for the same object and action, the order they execute in is undefined.  With Spring 22, that has changed and you can assign each record triggered flow an order value between 1 and 2,000, to ensure your automation runs in the correct sequence.

Watch the video below!