White Paper: BrightGen MarTech Guide

Marketers face a daunting challenge in delivering customer-centricity through first-party data, which is crucial for providing relevant and timely products, services, and experiences to customers.

According to 37% of CMOs, the main obstacle to MarTech investment is inadequate technology integration.

The MarTech Alliance Report, 2021/22

But one crucial aspect is often missing from discussions about selecting the right technology to enhance customer-centricity. It’s real-time interaction management (RTIM). While customer data platforms (CDPs) receive a lot of attention, RTIM deserves equal recognition.

To help you navigate this landscape, we have created an easy-to-use interactive guide. After reading the guide you will:

  • Learn the difference between interactions-based and data-unified customer profiling
  • Understand the concept of real-time interaction management
  • Find out when it’s more beneficial to utilise RTIM instead of a Customer Data Platform for customer profiling

Click on the image preview below to access our free MarTech guide on CDP and RTIM.

P.S. The white paper also includes a short 4-question quiz that will help you determine the exact tools needed for customer profiling that better suits your organisation.