Webinar: Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Notes

The Salesforce Summer ’22 Release was packed full of new features! Keir Bowden, our CTO, Salesforce MVP and Bob Buzzard, ran through all of the highlights and most important things you need to know.

Keir read all 500+ pages of the Summer ’22 Release notes – so you don’t have to. Here were his top five features:

Dynamic Lists

No more opening up the page layout editor to add a related list to your Lightning record page – use the new Dynamic Related List – Single component. You can even apply a filter to the list, and include two related lists for the same relationship with different filters.

Inline Editing of Report Data

You can now edit multiple fields on multiple records, all from the comfort of your own report run page. All changes are written back to the database with a single click of the Save button.

Picklist Duplicate Values Named and Shamed

A small change, but a real time saver when adding a large number of new values – rather than just being told that duplicate values aren’t allowed, you’ll be told which values are the problem. No more figuring it out for yourself!

Enable Person Accounts without Raising a Case

Whether to use Person Accounts remains one of life’s great philosophical questions, but now you can speed up the preliminary research, as you no longer need to involve Salesforce support to enable them. As always, you should do this in a Sandbox first!

Standard Lightning Component Notifications

One for the developers – support for cross domain use of the JavaScript alert(), confirm() and prompt() APIs is being removed by browser vendors, removing the ability to trigger a dialog from an iframe that is served from a different domain to the main window. Rather than us all having to implement our own solutions for our Lightning

Watch the webinar below!