Report: The New Rules of Advertising

Surviving and Thriving as a Publisher in the 2020s

Coronavirus nearly killed print ad spend. Digital audio is the hot new thing. Ad buyers are insatiable for quality data. Consumers are increasingly protective of their personal information.

With a fragmenting media landscape, the emergence of powerful machine learning-based targeting, and increasingly robust data privacy laws, advertising is synonymous with constant change.

Meanwhile, publishers are falling behind, retrofitting systems and processes designed for print, TV and radio, in an attempt at acclimatising to a fundamentally different environment.

But there are shards of hope. The cracks are beginning to show in the Google/Facebook duopoly. Brand trust is emerging as the most valuable commodity. Technology has been developed to help you to adjust. In this state of the industry report, you’ll learn:

  • The current state of the advertising ecosystem
  • The emerging trends of the 2020s
  • The practical steps publishers can take to adapt

The ecosystem is changing. You must evolve to survive. Find out how in The New Rules of Advertising: Surviving as a Publisher in the 2020s.

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