The future of travel, transport and hospitality

The new generation of travellers wants an omni-channel, seamless and highly personalised experience before, during and after their journey.

By enabling this, companies will ultimately reduce the time to value for the customer and increase customer loyalty.

Travel, transport and hospitality and the pandemic

The significant impact of the pandemic cannot be under-estimated. In 2020 in the UK, travel and tourism saw the largest decline in business turnover compared to all other industries.

The key to thrive in this unpredictable environment is to consistently engage with and be responsive to customers.

The customer journey

The sector needs to modernise, humanise and personalise the customer experience. BrightGen helps you to achieve this using the right combination of Salesforce solutions for your organisation. This makes it possible to get a single view of the customer across all departments, partners and stakeholders.

We trust BrightGen with our highest profile customer details – trust is everything to us. Then through the pandemic, BrightGen was always on hand to help – like that friend you can go to when things around you go wrong.

Daniel Edwards

Heathrow VIP and Premium Services Lead

Why BrightGen for travel, transport and hospitality

Travel, transport and hospitality organisations choose BrightGen for our deep understanding of the industry. We help you take advantage of the most up-to-date technology to achieve business goals.

Our dedicated teams very often become an extension to the customer, a partner they trust implicitly. We are considered a trusted advisor when it comes to deciding on the best technology stack to ensure a smooth customer experience.

London Gatwick

Heathrow Airport: Driving revenue with VIP customer service

Heathrow Airport is the UK’s only hub airport. In 2019, it saw 81 million passengers passing through. In 2020, it was the third busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic.

Heathrow offers a private VIP service for the world’s most discerning passengers.
Bypassing the main terminals and other passengers, offering relaxation in total privacy in personal lounges, where check-in and security are taken care of. It is a seamless, private and personal travel service.

Gatwick Airport: Making the most of every customer interaction

London Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in the UK and pre-COVID-19 pandemic was home to over 50 airlines, flying to more destinations than any other UK airport, with over 46 million passengers passing through the airport every year.

As part of their commitment to give passengers the best experience, Gatwick Airport addressed their passenger communications. They enlisted BrightGen to bring disparate data into the Salesforce platform, which would also power their omni-channel marketing strategy. 

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Meet BrightGen’s Industry Lead for
Travel, Transport & Hospitality

Nitasha Mamman

Industry Lead

– 15+ years within Technology Industry account management, ranging from product to service
– 5+ years’ experience in Salesforce Ecosystem

Travel, Transport and Hospitality