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Digitalising the customer experience

The real estate and construction sectors are finally entering the digital age. COVID accelerated this, but it has been a long time coming. The next step for the two sectors will be to use technology to improve the customer experience.

Look into construction technology or property technology and you’ll find a wealth of incredible resources. What’s less widely discussed is technology to support customers in this space.

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A seamless customer experience

Regardless of who (or what) you call your customers, as your stakeholders become more accustomed to seamless digital experiences in their personal life, they will expect the same of your company.

No longer can salespeople work from their “black books”, or even Excel spreadsheets. Every company should be able to track their sales cycle and conduct advanced reporting on their customers.

IT architecture for real estate and construction

A seamless experience relies on strong digital integration. Real estate and construction companies can take advantage of so many exciting technologies to bring buildings to life for the customer. Especially useful for lockdowns, buyers can now experience buildings before they’ve even been built. Or residents can connect with building services faster than ever before.

The power behind this new technology comes in when a company’s IT architecture is set up to connect it. There should be a single view of the customer throughout their journey with a company.

Technology now plays a substantial role in the whole of the buying process too. Anti-money laundering requirements, transparency on a buyer’s purchasing status and capabilities, through every stage of the conveyancing process and negotiations and into the final transaction itself. This should now be a seamless and ‘enjoyable’ digital experience running alongside the bricks and mortar product it represents.

Salesforce enables you to bring together your business onto one platform, increasing collaboration and visibility at the top.


BrightGen work with us as true partners; starting from learning about the core business processes down to the long term solutions.

Anit Sharma, CRM Manager, Mount Anvil

BrightGen knows real estate & construction

BrightGen is a popular Salesforce partner for real estate and construction because of our knowledge of sector-specific challenges. We have implemented Salesforce Field Service Lightning to transform the way property developers interact with their customers. Our customers in real estate and construction use us to continuously improve their ability to serve their customers, which is why they stay with us year after year.

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