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Drive growth with personalised digital experiences

Competition for winning customers’ attention has never been so fierce in the media industry.

Media companies need to engage audiences with personalised experiences on their preferred channels. Leading media companies are building communities and loyalty with intelligent technical solutions. They are innovating to launch and monetise new media products and services to drive growth.

Maximise revenue with insights and digital tools

The only way to succeed in the competitive media industry is through streamlined operations, centralising all of your data into a unified, flexible platform. Salesforce provides customer 360 visibility, from B2C to B2B. You can segment your data and audiences for personalised content, communications and experiences.

We partner with BrightGen for their experience across the sector and their honest approach.

Matt Parkes, Head of Marketing Technology, Elsevier

Centre your business around your customers

With constant changes to data privacy and fast-evolving customer preferences, media companies need an IT infrastructure that is prepared to meet them where they are.

BrightGen can help you use Salesforce to thrive in a changing media landscape. You’ll be able to digitally – and easily – connect your teams on a single platform to strengthen your 1st party data from anywhere.

Set up Salesforce to enable change

At BrightGen, we enable our customers to simplify and automate the data capture process using Salesforce. We make it easy to bring together disparate brands and departments onto one platform. This enables:

  • Real-time reporting and predictive forecasting across the entire business
  • Smart decision-making and better business outcomes
  • Increased efficiency with automation and connectivity

Transform media advertising sales

Empower your media sales team to sell more, in less time, irrespective of the ad format, medium or platform. Streamline and automate workflows and processes across your entire business. Reduce costs and unify all ad sales inventory. Drive value for your advertisers and grow revenue for your business with BrightMEDIA.

Eliminate silos, eliminate friction

BrightMEDIA: the ad sales solution for media clients, on the Salesforce platform.

Empower your media sales team

Simplify cross-channel selling. Build tailored packages for specific audience segments.

Maintain a single source of truth

Gain a 360 degree view of the customer. Generate real-time reports.

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