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Boost outcomes at every stage of the student lifecycle

Attracting and retaining the best students brings brand new challenges for universities year on year.

Higher education establishments need to understand exactly when, where and how to connect to each student. Leading institutions create a connected campus to gain a single view of the student throughout their journey with the university. They harness the power of technology to improve the entire student experience.

“BrightGen understood our complex needs and delivered a tailored solution, while simultaneously providing the highest levels of customer service”.

David Richardson,Chief Entrepreneurial Executive, Heriot-Watt University

Compete in a global market

In the UK, students increasingly expect more from their university experience, as they pay more now than ever before. Universities need to be able to create personalised, multi-channel communications in order to provide the best student experience throughout the student lifecycle.

Salesforce enables a joined up, single view of the student across the institution, streamlining the digital student experience and making it easier to communicate the university’s value proposition.

Power the student experience with Salesforce

Universities choose to work with BrightGen because of our depth of experience in implementing Salesforce products across all sectors. We understand the unique challenges involved in engaging the next generation of students and offer an external perspective on how to react to crises such as the pandemic.

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