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Financial Services

Make services easy to use to drive customer loyalty

Financial services customers are increasingly tech-savvy, especially as the millennial generation becomes the largest age demographic. For example, 73% of millennials would rather pay through digital pay channels than directly through traditional banks.

Traditional financial services organisations are improving their services by streamlining back-end processes and making systems more efficient. They are removing legacy systems and updating the ways in which they offer their services, removing barriers for the customer to get what they need at speed.

How to digitally transform the customer journey

Start-Up Loans, a subsidiary of British Business Bank, doubled the number of applications it was able to process by making it easier for their customers to use their services.

BrightGen streamlined Start Up Loans’ back-end processes to reduce delays to partnering start ups with delivery partners.

Customer Spotlight: Start Up Loans (British Business Bank)

Build out your Salesforce strategy to underpin growth

“BrightGen really knows our organisation just as well, if not better than us.”

Director of CRM Technology

Financial Services Organisation

One of our long-standing customers overcame the barriers to modernisation that commonly affect traditional financial services organisations. By aligning IT and the rest of the business, bringing in leaders from the different business units, this organisation succeeded in making Salesforce a strategic platform to underpin future business growth.

Set up Salesforce to accelerate change

At BrightGen, we partner closely with you to break down major digital transformation into manageable projects. We can help you:

  • Streamline your lead to cash process, bringing together your business operations onto one platform
  • Improve the experience you offer to your customers, from awareness through to advocacy
  • Enhance visibility of key metrics across any number of business units

The ABC of Sustainability in Financial Services

The Financial Services sector is increasingly prioritising reducing carbon emissions, as customers and investors alike choose to engage with more sustainable companies, and legislation ramps up.

Read our ABC of Sustainability to find out how you could benefit from Salesforce Net Zero Cloud today.

Audit your carbon emissions for buildings and business travel within a few weeks using BrightGREEN – BrightGen’s Quick Start for Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Begin the journey to Net Zero by taking organisation-wide action on emissions – use real-time dashboards. Leave spreadsheets behind

Control carbon expenditure and involve your teams in achieving the visible milestones to reducing your carbon footprint

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