Immediate Media: Unlocking Customer-Centric Growth with Salesforce CRM

With today’s marketplace fast shifting toward a digital-first world, more companies like Immediate Media are putting a laser focus on the engagement and satisfaction of each individual customer. By unlocking customer-centric growth, they have been able to improve customer relationships at a time when customer satisfaction has become more crucial than ever.

Unlocking customer-centric growth is more than just personalising an email with a person’s name. It’s about dynamically creating a unique experience for the customer at each moment of their journey.

By uniting their teams around the customer, Immediate Media has been able to successfully create truly connected experiences — all of which benefit the business by:

  1. Deepening customer relationships
  2. Building and maintaining brand loyalty
  3. Accelerating company growth

Focusing on the customer builds brand loyalty

Immediate Media used BrightMEDIA and Salesforce to digitally transform their advertising sales management. Immediate Media has been able to centralise pipeline management and forecasting across the business, which offers comprehensive reporting and guaranteed reliability.

Immediate Media has been able to perfect their data strategy, focusing even more on growing first-party data and taking advantage of programmatic advertising.

How BrightGen helped pave the way

Immediate Media has been able to grow their business through advertising sales, and streamline the process of managing this function. They have been able to set up their business for success by cementing their data strategy and futureproofing their business. Our team at BrightGen has supported numerous companies down similarly successful paths.

Having used BrightMEDIA as part of the Sales Cloud implementation, Immediate Media improved ad sales operations and increased their competitive advantage, taking advantage of the most up-to-date advertising solutions, thanks to the strong IT infrastructure in place with Salesforce.

How accelerating transformation translates into better business performance

When Immediate Media approached us about boosting customer retention and engagement, we began by integrating Salesforce within their existing ecosystem. By unlocking customer-centric growth BrightGen was able to assist Immediate Media in driving business speed, scale, relevance, and resilience all with the world’s #1 CRM.

Speed empowers business leaders at Immediate Media to make better business decisions quickly. They were able to swiftly adapt to changing business demands by utilising technology that enables speed and optimises work by:

  • Unlocking customer data
  • Analysing information faster
  • Taking action in real time, as one company

Scale enables faster innovation and maximum growth by utilising a CRM platform and tools that easily meet their customers’ needs, no matter the scale. Along with increased brand reach, it also:

  • Integrates any application, system, or database
  • Adapts to the latest market and customer demand
  • Intelligently automates customer and employee experiences

Relevance helps Immediate Media reinvent and improve customer engagement by making it more personalised, which engages customers with meaningful and relevant digital experiences.

Resilience empowers their workforce with flexible tools and technology, so they can focus on the most important thing – customers. Immediate Media employees are able to:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Support instant collaboration
  • Upskill with knowledge and training

One last important thing to note: In 2023, Google Chrome will join Safari and Firefox in phasing out the third-party cookie – a change that’s set to shake up the way many companies personalise their ads and digital marketing campaigns. Using the power of the Salesforce CRM, Immediate Media is staying ahead of the game by preparing for a post-cookies world, providing smarter segmentation and a better customer experience.

If you’re interested in unlocking customer-centric growth with Salesforce, BrightGen can provide similar services to help lead the way. Click below to find out how making the transformation allows your company to grow revenue, elevate innovation, and increase influence across your industry.

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