Building stronger customer relationships with Salesforce Surveys

As a premier provider of handcrafted, high-quality furniture, our long-term client is committed to providing exceptional customer service to meet and exceed statutory regulations. BrightGen’s ongoing trusted partnership with this leading furniture manufacturer has already helped them to maximise their Salesforce capabilities and keep them up to date with the latest Salesforce features.

As the manufacturer continues to transform its client service function, using Service Cloud, it aims to further build excellence by optimising the customer journey, improve visibility and resolution times, and streamline processes.

Through deep understanding of our client’s unique business, our team delivered targeted recommendations to drive continuous improvement with Salesforce:


  • Gain further insight into customer perspectives post-resolution, to ensure top-quality service and identify opportunities 
  • Integrate satisfaction feedback into existing processes to gather a more holistic view of performance metrics 
  • Broaden the range of metrics collected to recognise successes, pinpoint areas for improvement, and continuously enhance the customer service experience 


  • The BrightGen service team introduced Salesforce Surveys, leveraging an existing but underutilised Sales Cloud license capability   
  • Once they were convinced of their value, Surveys were configured to collect post-resolution customer input with automated feedback forms   
  • Training and support provided ensured the tool could be independently managed and customised over time   
  • We automated notification workflows to flag instances requiring follow-up based on survey responses 
  • Dashboards and reports that were set up by the BrightGen team gave leadership comprehensive insights into feedback and service impacts on business metrics   


  • Leadership gains real-time insight into customer perspectives, directly informing operational excellence 
  • Individual employees get direct feedback on their work. They can see what they did well and how to improve, fostering continuous development 
  • Previously unidentified areas for improvement that could’ve been missed before are now exposed with holistic feedback analytics 
  • They learned what really makes customers happy when issues are solved, helping the team focus on high-performing resolution practices 
  • Collecting more types of data helped the company better understand what matters most to customers