Accessible and secure HR information

HR issues or queries can often be of a sensitive nature. That’s why we created a way to manage cases or incidents discreetly, in one system. 

With BrightPEOPLE, you can be sure your information, notes and employee data is kept secure and is easy to organise or review. The solution means no more multiple spreadsheets, just one place for all matters related to human resources.

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Features & Benefits

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Built so your HR team can respond to and organise employee issues or cases efficiently and discreetly

Sensitive information secured

Because we know that HR issues or information can require discretion, you can be confident of privacy and security with BrightPEOPLE

Better management of incidents

Organise essential records that relate to cases raised by employees and manage the security or visibility settings to ensure confidentiality.

Improve employee experience

Employee happiness is something all companies strive for. Resolving issues that arise in an efficient, timely manner means your staff feel valued and supported