Webinar: Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Notes

The Salesforce Winter ’22 Release was packed full of new features! Keir Bowden, BrightGen CTO, Salesforce MVP and a.k.a. Bob Buzzard, ran through 500+ pages of release notes to summarise the best bits. Here were their top five features:

Dynamic Interactions

Assemble interactive lightning pages from independently developed lightning web components. Wire elements up to each other by mapping events raised by source components to properties in target components. Click on an account from a list in one component. Drop a pin on a map in a component from another vendor without writing a single line of code!

Restriction Rules

For the first time you can reduce a user’s visibility of records for specific sObject types. If you have sensitive records you must exclude from a subset of users, specify a restriction rule to hide them.

Asynchronous Path for Record Triggered Flows

Record triggered flows are no longer restricted to the boundaries of a single transaction. With Asynchronous Paths they can kick off additional processing once the original transaction is complete, such as updating records in an external system.

Lightning Message Service in Experiences

The lightning message service allows lightning components (web and aura) and visualforce pages to communicate with each other when something of interest occurs. Developers need to agree on the channel they are communicating on, and the message types to look out for. It doesn’t have the full decoupling of dynamic interactions, but it makes things much more flexible.

Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspection was launched in Summer 21 and receives a raft of enhancements in the Winter 22 Salesforce Release, including:

  • Flag a deal as important with a single click
  • Einstein deal insights
  • Tiered opportunity scoring – see if a record is High, Medium or Low at a glance.

Watch the webinar below!