Webinar: How you can Make Salesforce the Superstar

What kind of dancing partner is Salesforce to your employees? We discuss how employees can get the most out of Salesforce and what you need to do to help them. Getting the most out of Salesforce will help your employees produce their best work.

In this webinar James Burgess, our VP of Customer Success, and Robyn Bechelet, our Business Transformation Specialist, cover the common pitfalls companies fall into in their use of Salesforce as well as the hallmarks of employee satisfaction with Salesforce. These hallmarks include:

  • Gaining buy-in from the top at programme get go, and demonstrating this
  • Centre of excellence/steering committee
  • Putting Salesforce at the heart of the process
  • Making it really easy!
  • Salesforce should support the job, not become the job
  • Herald results

Watch the webinar below!