How Salesforce Adoption Can Make or Break Your Company

This will be the time for companies to shine where they have pinned down their customer service and sales experiences. Those who are able to act flexibly, regardless of external factors, will weather the storm and come out on top.

We spoke to Mount Anvil, a residential developer, about their journey with BrightGen and Salesforce – and how they increased their number of Salesforce users from four to fifty in three years.

BrightGen is being asked more than ever to help companies get full value from their investment with Salesforce. Some organisations need to suddenly do more with less, while others are struggling to cope with unprecedented demand for their services. Many are unprepared for their entire workforce to work remotely and need to adapt under duress.

To understand more about how BrightGen has aided Salesforce adoption for both its customers and its own organisation, watch our webinar. You’ll find out more about the concrete examples given in this blog, and how you can apply the findings to your own organisation.

Watch the webinar below!