What it means to be Lightning Accredited

BrightGen is Lightning accredited

In 2017, BrightGen once again achieved Lightning Accreditation for the Salesforce Platinum Partner tier. Apply the “Lightning Accredited” filter when searching for a partner on the AppExchange. You’ll find us front and centre.

When I talk about Lightning Accreditation to prospects and customers, a couple of questions usually come up.

What does it mean to be Lightning Accredited?

It means that BrightGen is skilled at migrating Salesforce customers from the Classic user experience to the new Lightning Experience.

Should we be using the Lightning Experience?

For existing customers, it depends. If you have a cohort of Classic UX users, you will need to determine the impact of switching. You need to take into account the amount, and type, of customisation in your Classic UX. This must be replicated or replaced in Lightning.

The first piece of good news: the Lightning Readiness Report automatically scans your org to understand effort in transitioning. For example, it identifies features or users that can seamlessly transition to the Lightning Experience, and which need some work. It gives you a high-level estimate of the effort to transition (note the word estimate – it’s not an exact science).

The second piece of good news is that you can rollout the Lightning Experience by profile. If you have groups of users who are a perfect fit you can move them over without impacting everyone else.

For prospects about to sign up with Salesforce, the answer is yes. A user or admin might have to switch back to Classic for the occasional item (managing field sets, for example). But that’s a small price to pay for the benefits of the Lightning Experience.

What’s so great about the Lightning Experience?

I’d sum Lightning up in three words: it’s the future. Salesforce has added killer features only to the Lighting Experience, including (but not limited to):

  • Drag and drop page builder that includes standard and custom Lightning components
  • Kanban board visualisation of records
  • Path visualisation of the various stages of a business process
  • Drag and drop dashboard builder with full control over the size and number of components in a row
  • Live chatter feeds that notify when new messages are available
  • Utility bar to provide users with easy access to frequently used tools

Now you understand why BrightGen is Lightning accredited, find out how we can help you migrate in under five weeks.

Keir Bowden is CTO of BrightGen, a Certified Technical Architect and multi-time Salesforce MVP. You can find him on twitter @bob_buzzard.