Time to get Lightning Ready!

Lightning ready

For some time now Salesforce has been fully focused on Lightning. However there are still customers out there who are using Classic, happy with what it can do and how it looks, maybe you’re one of them? If so then maybe now could be the time review what Lightning can do for you. Here are some questions you should be asking to get Lightning-ready.

What does Lightning offer?

You might have all the functionality you need in Classic but are you missing out on newer functionality in Lightning? One thing you should do is regularly review the latest Salesforce release notes to see what’s there and whats coming. You’ll find out about any Classic features you depend on that moved to Lightning but, and more more importantly: All the new features available in Lightning that, as a Classic user, you won’t get access to.  And, if the prospect of reading all 500 pages of release notes is a bit daunting, let us do it for you! Simply join our regular New Release Webinars where we run through of all the highlights for you along with the most important things to know to be release-ready. 

How much effort is it to move?

Well the best way to start to answer that question is to run the Lightning Experience Readiness report, it’s free and you can do it yourself – you don’t need any external help. There’s loads of detailed steps on what will and won’t work when you move to Lightning and even an estimate of how long it will take to fix things.  Salesforce really couldn’t have made it easier for you and there’s even more to help you with the move within the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant – all available via the setup menu. However, if there are aspects that are unclear or you need help with, then contact us and we’ll help guide you through the changes required.

Don’t wait, why not get hands on?

Create a sandbox, turn on Lightning and have a look! You can preview it now and get an initial view of what Lightning will look like for your org and what new features it can offer you and you business.  Why not step through some of your core business processes on that org and start to get a feel for how they flow in Lightning and which bits work as is, and which will need review.

Have you made full use of all the Lightning Resources?

Salesforce have made a wealth of material available to support you in the move to Lightning.  Some of things we’ve found useful are

  • Studies showing Lightning benefits in productivity and efficiency
  • Tools to help you do a Business Assessment so you can understand the business benefit of switching to Lightning
  • Trailheads focused at helping your Classic users get comfortable with Lightning Experience

BrightGen is Lightning-ready, are you?

BrightGen was an official Lightning-Ready Partner from the start. From the start, we helped customers understand how the new user interface worked. We advised them on how best to administer it and on which users would benefit most from switching to Lightning.

BrightGen is a Lightning Component specialist, having been one of the first partners to launch a component on the Component Exchange (SignatureCapture). We built the mobile front-end to our BrightMEDIA product entirely in Lightning Components, as showcased at Dreamforce.

Lightning-ready is not something that partners receive by default. To achieve this, our consultants had to earn a number of user, administrator and developer Trailhead badges. We not only met the Salesforce targets for the accredited headcount – we exceeded the targets.

That’s why BrightGen is Lightning accredited. Find out how we can help you migrate to Lightning from Classic in under five weeks.

Jon has over 19 years of wide-ranging CRM experience, initially with an end user but for the past 15 years as a consultant for a variety of system integrators. He’s worked with numerous customers to deliver solutions for both enterprise and small scale implementations across multiple industries. Jon works in Brightgen’s Customer Success Team, whose focus is working closely with customers to provide technical and business solutions to ensure they get continued value and progression.