Salesforce World Tour News: We’re Proud to be a Gold Sponsor!

Salesforce World Tour is a legendary global event series that the less tenured of the ecosystem will not yet have experienced. Salesforce has done a brilliant job of ensuring events can still happen virtually since COVID hit. But we couldn’t wait to get back together in-person.

BrightGen has been a sponsor of Salesforce World Tour every year since it started out. We tell you why in this blog post.

Why sponsor World Tour?

World Tour started in 2016, when Salesforce’s leadership realised that its flagship event, Dreamforce, was in high demand across the world and needed to go local. BrightGen has sponsored World Tour London since the start, as we want our customers to see our consistent and reliable presence alongside Salesforce. 

In 2022, we looked forward to meeting Salesforce customers from across a variety of industries. Our focus was on creating a dynamic customer experience – a phrase coined by our parent company, Credera. This means providing a seamless experience to your customers throughout their entire journey with your brand. We can make that happen with Salesforce.

We also looked forward to sharing the latest news in our journey to reducing carbon emissions. We’re helping our customers understand the advantages to using Salesforce Net Zero Cloud in their own journeys to zero carbon. 

Last but not least, an important reason to sponsor was to see our friends across the Salesforce ecosystem, from both Salesforce and other partners. World Tour is a great opportunity to collaborate and look for new ways to offer value to our customers.

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