Salesforce OmniStudio: From Novice to Ninja

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organisations that prioritise continuous education and professional development for their employees come out on top. At a Salesforce consultancy like BrightGen, it becomes even more important to make time for professional development, as Salesforce products and solutions change and grow quickly over time.

In this blog, we’ve gathered insights, tips, and recommendations from several of our colleagues who recently earned Salesforce OmniStudio certifications. We hope that this post will give people a better understanding of the product, and help anyone looking to undertake the exam themselves.

What’s the most interesting thing about OmniStudio?

OmniStudio is an innovative solution for Lightning Web Component (LWC) development that offers several interesting features:

  • Reusability of components, saving time and effort for developers by allowing a single component to be used almost anywhere within the LWC framework
  • Simplistic approach to creating LWCs with minimal code
  • Ability to generate an LWC component from a flex card while running integration procedures on the server side to improve performance
  • Front-end UI & UX of OmniStudio is surprisingly simple yet effective, despite the complexity involved in the backend setup

OmniStudio combines reusability, simplicity, performance, and user experience to offer a powerful solution for Lightning Web Component development.

For me, it’s the opportunities it opens up around guided UI, bringing data from various places together and doing it super quickly too!

Carley Price, Functional Lead

Are there any specific requirements or pre-requisites to take the OmniStudio exam?

There are no specific requirements or pre-requisites to take the OmniStudio certification exam. However, it is expected that the person taking the exam understands general concepts of Salesforce Lightning Experience and App Builder. It is also beneficial to have a fundamental understanding of the Salesforce platform, including the object structure and API names/field names. Some personal experience with gathering requirements at a technical level and translating them to system capabilities may also be helpful.

What resources can you recommend to prepare for the OmniStudio exam?

On the reliable Trailhead platform, Salesforce offers a great Trailmix to help you prepare for the OmniStudio exam. This really helped our team get off to a faster start.

Another great read our team recommended was by a Salesforce Solution Architect, who helpfully offers tips on several Salesforce exams: read on.

Trailhead is a useful resource, especially its trail mixes. I completed them all and made notes while studying the material. Although Trailhead does not offer built-in hands-on challenges, you can sign up for a dev org and complete challenges from the PDFs.

Toby Walker, Functional Consultant

Which part of the preparation for the OmniStudio exam was the most enjoyable?

The OmniStudio exam is well-designed to allow for hands-on learning. It includes actual development and building of FlexCards, OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, and DataRaptors. This makes the learning process more engaging and enjoyable. It shows the concepts in action and how they can be applied in a real-world scenario. It’s the ability to learn by doing and see how everything comes together and works as expected that makes it so satisfying.

Omnistudio exam

Which part of the OmniStudio exam or preparation process was the most difficult?

The OmniStudio exam covers a wide range of capabilities and features. So it’s important to remember that learning, writing and absorbing the information on Trailhead requires more effort than simply reading and completing the quizzes. Preparing for scenario-based business process automation requires time. And keeping track of the differences between the availability of various UI elements in FlexCards and OmniScripts can be a challenge in itself.

Learning a brand-new product was the most difficult for me! I wasn’t familiar with Omnistudio at all, but once my brain engaged with the material, it really started to click.

Carley Price, Functional Lead

What’s your top tip for someone thinking of obtaining the OmniStudio certification?

Firoz Mirza

Follow the Trailmix and be clear on the differences between the component capabilities, even though many dev tools and features may seem overlapping.

Firoz Mirza, Technical Consultant

Practice! Just going through the scenarios and building out mini projects is the best thing to do. I always try to build something out and break it to see what happens. It’s the best way to see how things work.

Jamie Kennedy, Technical Consultant
Jamie Kennedy
Ashley George

Finish the Trailmix and then make sure you do as many exercises as possible!

Ashley George, Technical Consultant

Try to utilise the material Trailhead has. Even though it may seem daunting with the amount of information there, stick with it. The PDF hands-on tasks are also beneficial.

Toby Walker, Functional Consultant
Toby Walker
Carley Price

When taking the exam, be sure to triple-read the questions. This is particularly useful with this exam where slight differences in terminology can lead to mistakes, especially under the pressure of the exam situation.

Carley Price, Functional Consultant

Obtaining an OmniStudio certification requires a combination of hands-on learning, practicing scenarios, and utilising resources such as Trailhead. By following these helpful tips from our team, you should feel confident and well-prepared for the certification exam.

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