Meet the BrightGen team – Keir Bowden

As part of our “meet the team” blog series, we spoke to our Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Keir Bowden.

How long have you worked at BrightGen?

Since 2008!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Something I have always looked for in my career is variety, and there is plenty of that at BrightGen. We work in a number of different industry verticals and every customer has different problems to solve. Add to that the thrice-yearly releases of Salesforce and there is always something new to learn and implement. Finally, BrightGen isn’t a traditional “land and expand” consultancy, instead the focus is on getting the customer live as soon as possible in order to deliver a return on their investment.

Why BrightGen?

I like BrightGen because the work is interesting and I am always learning new technologies and techniques. It’s a fun place to work with a vibrant social life and a very supportive team of consultants who go out of their way to help each other. We also have an exceptionally low staff turnover rate which speaks volumes about the culture and environment.

Tell us something interesting about Keir Bowden!

I am a three time MVP, better known in the Salesforce community as ‘Bob Buzzard’.

Follow Keir Bowden on Twitter: @bob_buzzard

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