Meet the BrightGen team – Ben Dyer Delivery Practice Lead


Our “meet the team” blogs give you some insight into how we go about our daily lives, transforming BrightGen’s customers.

In the hot seat this month is… Ben Dyer – Delivery Practice Lead!

Give us an overview

As my role suggests, it’s all about the “Delivery”, ultimately ensuring customer success. In my 7th year at BrightGen, our core values have remained consistent, with our customers at the heart of it all.

I first joined BrightGen as a Project Lead delivering Salesforce solutions across the platform and industries (too many to count). Every project was unique and we have an awesome technical team that will get the job done, in a supportive environment. The role comprised all the responsibilities you would expect in regards to planning, management of scope, reporting and budget control but it didn’t stop there! A significant and particularly rewarding aspect of the role that I enjoyed was leading the teams in close collaboration to learn, mentor and adapt.

In the last few years Ive been fortunate to elevate my role to Delivery Lead, working closely with and supporting Russ Bird our Head of Delivery. Pre Covid-19 I was logistically leading the Delivery Practice and teams from our London office acting as the end-to-end project authority across some of our key accounts. With the impact of the recent pandemic, nothing has fundamentally changed. Other than everyone being remote, our commitment to our customers and quality has been unaffected, we were already 100% cloud based and had well established remote working tools and processes, so it has very much been BAU for us… except lunches are now cheaper!

The role and responsibilities

Despite the role being quite broad there are some fundamental definitions that ensure our customers experience what they purchased, when embarking on projects with BrightGen:

  • Our tried and tested delivery methodology is maintained, adopted and communicated
  • Ensure we have robust and understood project plans that demonstrate the full route to completion for all parties and that reflect the commercial agreement
  • Act as a point of escalation and support for all parties
  • Ensure regular governance and engagement with key stakeholders with ad hoc reporting as necessary
  • Appropriate resources are provisioned, onboarded and supported throughout the lifecycle
  • Support the wider strategies and areas of the business including recruitment, sales, service and marketing.


It is important to remain flexible in this ecosystem. Projects and technologies are ever-changing. You need to be prepared to adapt depending on the situation whilst the consequences.

Being challenging and having an inquisitive mindset will help when dealing with both your team and the customer to uncover the truth regarding the state of the overall delivery..

Finally comms, comms, comms! It is vital to keep communication up at all times and at all levels, the golden rule is no surprises. The combination of all these attributes will help you provide value to the customer and bring credibility to your role… Common sense helps too!

Going above and beyond

One of the great things about working at BrightGen is variety – no two days are the same. There are always opportunities to support other areas of the business or to get involved with extracurricular activities. This could be pre-sales engagements. Getting the opportunity to support one of the many Salesforce partner events or even assist in recruitment. Recently I partook in the Great BrightGen Bake Off to celebrate our 14th Birthday… unfortunately my entry did not win but was shortlisted for judging at least!

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