Marketing Cloud Intelligence Exam: Tips from a Pro

Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly known as Datorama, drives cross-platform marketing intelligence to marketers by providing transparency, speed and growth. To earn official accreditation, one must pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence accredited professional exam. However, how can you make the most of your 90-minute time limit? Anjali Mittal, MarTech Architect at BrightGen, who recently aced this exam, shares her top tips in the following blog.

Before you get started

The Marketing Cloud Intelligence / Datorama Accredited Professional exam is proctored by Examity – a standard Salesforce certification partner. I had few challenges trying to sort out my account, as it is linked to your partner account, not the usual individual account. If you don’t make that mistake, booking the exam should be pretty straightforward!

My other top tip before you start getting learning is to gain access to a trial org. It can take a while to set this up so launch this process as soon as you can.

Learning paths 

I started off on my learning journey with the Partner Learning Camp (PLC) curriculum. As this is a fairly new exam, PLC and Trailheads are your go to place for learning. The curriculum is varied, with videos, documents, Trailhead modules and Knowledge check questions, making it easy to keep your attention on the task at hand.

I did look up Udemy courses but I did not find any useful ones at this stage – probably because the exam is too new.

Here are few of my top tips for you to help pass this certification: 

  • Go through all the Trailhead modules and read up on the extra resources
  • Make use of your trial
  • Do all the exercises provided in the PLC curriculum – they also provide some handy sample files
  • Read up on the Marketing Cloud Intelligence documentation
  • This exam is a technical exam so the more you practise, the better
  • There are multiple correct solutions and methods of achieving them. Focus on best practices and spot the differences that might make one solution better than another

Apart from the learning modules, PLC has some handy templates and guides on discovery workshops and planning.

Exam day  

Handy tips for your exam day:

  1. It’s an online proctored exam, so be prepared to show the area to the proctor. Your desk and the whole area should be clean and clutter-free 
  1. Take your time to read the questions properly, as they can get confusing. You may need to read them twice before you answer them 
  1. Mark the questions for review, and if you have the time at the end, review the answers 
  1. It’s not just about knowing the right answer – it’s also about choosing the best answer from multiple correct answers!

I hope the above tips help you. Remember: if you don’t pass on your first go, don’t give up – keep going. Good luck!

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