The Summer 20 Salesforce release is less than a month away from landing on production hardware. BrightGen will be running our world famous release webinar on July 8th where Clive Platt and myself, Keir Bowden, will dig into the key changes. You can sign up for the webinar here, but if you can't wait, here are our magnificent seven favourite features.


No blog post at this point in history can avoid a mention of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on the Salesforce ecosystem, but with the focus is on how we return to normal, or what will become the new normal. is a collection of tools to enable businesses to reopen their premises quickly and safely, including shift management, contact tracing and rapid response to evolving crises.

2. Salesforce on iPad

The full desktop Salesforce experience is now GA on Safari on iPad running iPadOS! Users will display the Classic or Lightning Experience UI depending on the org setup and their config. Links from other applications, such as email, will open Safari rather than the Salesforce mobile application, so make sure your users are prepared for that.

3. Split View

Split view for list views open records in the main section of the page to the right of the list view, much like an email client can display the details of a single email without hiding the contents of the inbox. A real time saver!

4. Path Guidance in Kanban View

A new details panel in Kanban view shows the key fields and guidance for any deal that the rep clicks on, saving them having to navigate to the deal record itself. The key fields can also be edited inline without leaving the Kanban view - less clicking, more selling!

5. Lightning Message Service

One for the pro coders (aka developers!) - messaging that crosses the various Salesforce UI technology boundaries. Communication over pre-configured channels is now possible between Aura Components, Lightning Web Components (including the utility bar) and Visualforce pages. Further, in a change from the beta functionality, you can also communicate with hidden console tabs and subtabs, and hidden standard app tabs. 

6. Launch Flow from Platform Event

One for the low-coders - flows can now be triggered directly from a platform event, rather than having to trigger a process which then invokes the flow. Unlike the process builder solution, you don't have to associate the process with an object to handle the platform event.

7. Dynamic Forms

This entry is some way from being production ready, currently in non-GA preview, but it's too good to pass up. This is the long awaited mechanism that allows you to break out the fields and sections from a record view and place them wherever you like on the page, via the lightning app builder. 

Sign up for the BrightGen release webinar here, which takes place at 4pm GMT on July 5th. If you can't make it, sign up anyway to get the recording, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.