How Salesforce Quip helps your employees work more efficiently from all over the world

image depicting connectivity in the cloud

2020 saw unprecedented change across the world. We’ve seen an office-based work environment to being almost completely remote. Salesforce Quip was one of the many collaboration tools that helped us and our customers adapt quickly.

At BrightGen, customers have always been our focus – and we know now is a time they need us more than ever. We work closely with them to understand their needs and help them tackle the new challenges they face. As a premier partner, we work very closely with Salesforce. As you would expect, Salesforce pulled out all the stops to help. They provided a variety of their tools for free this year, including Salesforce Quip. Here’s our summary of how Quip can help your company.

What is Quip?

Salesforce acquired Quip in 2016. Quip provides real-time collaboration of documents, spreadsheets and slides. As it is part of the Salesforce product suite, it integrates with Salesforce. Employees can seamlessly embed their Salesforce data into their documents and even update Salesforce data from there. If you don’t have an existing tool to support you as you adapt to this new remote environment, Quip could be the tool for you. 

How can Quip help me?

Here’s an example of how Quip has helped in real life. One of our customers works with a number of suppliers, all with different collaboration tools, none of which they can all connect to. Two weeks ago this wasn’t a big issue, as teams worked closely with each other in the office. They were able to bridge any gaps when speaking in person in the office. Now teams are dispersed, they need to keep lines of collaboration open. With Quip Chat Rooms, now they can!

Another way companies use Quip is collaboration on sales plans. By embedding Salesforce opportunities in a Sales Plan within Quip, you can work with others as you reshape your plans and targets to support your customers evolving needs.

If your teams use Slack, you need a way to capture some of the great initiatives and ideas that they are surfacing there. With Quip you can create documents directly from Slack, get notifications from Quip directly back in to Slack or even Share those Quip docs in Slack. You can capture and share your initiatives within Salesforce seamlessly, without having to duplicate effort.

Brightgen has implemented Quip across organisations in multiple sectors. If you’d like to learn more how we can help, get in touch