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Graduate Blog Series: Why Graduates Choose BrightGen

Delighted to introduce the latest blog in the Grad Scheme blog series – Part 2! To kick it off we spoke to one of our graduates, Elgan Ellis.

We learned about his experience, the results he achieved with the BrightGen grad scheme and why he would recommend it to the next generation of grads. We’ve summarised the highlights from our conversation with him in this blog post. Enjoy!

The BrightGen graduate scheme is a key element of our growth strategy. We look for top quality, enthusiastic graduates to train as Salesforce Consultants, not only learning the Salesforce product set, but also developing the soft skills required to work effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

Keir Bowden

Keir Bowden

BrightGen CTO

What has training been like at BrightGen?

In the early months, in order to quickly get up-to-speed, I would be assigned a hands-on challenge that I need to complete in Trailhead.

Trailhead hands-on challenges can be difficult and even a bit stressful! However, I found them engaging and I felt like in the end I learned and accomplished a lot doing them.After I completed all the modules and challenges, I spent a lot of time revising for the certification exams. That included completing all the necessary Trailmixes, going through practice papers to identify holes in my knowledge, and reading a lot of documentation.

I feel like everyone at BrightGen is dedicated to providing everything needed for the wellbeing of employees and fellow team members.

Elgan Ellis

What is the biggest difference between University and a work environment?

I would say it’s the workday structure. Right now my work is compressed into eight straight work hours, with a lunch break in between. Whereas at university, I would sometimes take longer breaks or work later in the evening. That definitely took some getting used to.

How do you socialise with your colleagues while you’re all working remotely?

Starting your working career completely remotely can be challenging. But I feel like everyone at BrightGen is dedicated to providing everything needed for the wellbeing of employees and fellow team members.

Every other Friday we have a team social, which is great fun. And every other Wednesday we have a virtual coffee break. There you are randomly teamed up with people who you might’ve never met before. In addition, we have a few group chats to share memes and joke about. Sometimes me and my teammates turn up a couple of minutes early for our daily stand-up. Just to chat a bit before we start.

Would you recommend BrightGen’s graduate programme to other graduates?

Yes! Actually, the way I found out about the BrightGen grad scheme was through a referral from a fellow grad. And I’d be happy to pass the recommendation along to other graduates.

The BrightGen Graduate Scheme provides a head start to the next generation of developers. The scheme lasts 3 to 6 months. It’s designed for Computer Science/Software Engineering graduates who want to join our Service Management or Delivery teams. We provide full training on Salesforce, and a collection of practical challenges to track progress. 

If you’d like to start your career with BrightGen, email [email protected].

Graduate Blog Series. Part 1:

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