Graduate Blog Series: What’s Next?

BrightGen grad scheme lasts up to six months, in that time grads learn about Salesforce products, start working on real-life tasks, learn to master soft skills, such as stakeholder communication. But what happens after that? We came back to Connor Ellis, one of our grads from last year’s cohort, to find out. Enjoy!

How would you describe the start of your career at BrightGen? 

My onboarding experience was great, starting with getting an understanding of BrightGen as a company. I then learned what to expect on my journey as a BrightGen graduate across the next three to six months.

In the first three months, a BrightGen graduate spends most of their day learning about Salesforce from Trailhead, revising for their certifications and taking on BrightGen challenges. This let you apply your learning and improve your skills in certain areas.

Knowing that I am able to help a client with their problem makes me proud of the work that I deliver.

I genuinely enjoyed the quality of projects I got to work on, which gave me hands-on, real-life experience as a software developer early on.

What did you enjoy the most about your time on the grad programme? 

As a graduate, the favourite part for me was learning about the platform and improving my skills as a developer. Since completing the grad scheme and joining the Service Team, I’ve already worked on several projects and have been able to provide new features and fixes to clients. Knowing that I am able to help a client with their problem makes me proud of the work that I deliver.

What is the best thing about working at BrightGen? 

It’s simple: everyone here is kind and welcoming and is always willing to help! We all get on very well and often have a laugh. 

I enjoyed the fact that everyone at BrightGen understands that you’ve only recently graduated and everything takes time to learn. And you can be sure that, if you have any work related issues, your managers & colleagues will do whatever they can to help you overcome them.

It’s also worth noting that at BrightGen you’re provided with all the equipment you need for work: from a laptop to a nice office chair or a second monitor. That is especially important in a flexible work environment.

How long has it been since you’ve completed BrightGen’s graduate scheme? 

Over three months have passed since I finished the graduate programme, and ever since I have been a part of the Service Team. From here, I plan to earn more Salesforce certifications and work on securing a Tech Lead role in the future!

I would highly recommend the BrightGen Graduate Programme to any graduate keen on challenging themselves, willing to learn new things and ease into the role at their own pace. 

The BrightGen Graduate Scheme provides a head start to the next generation of developers. The scheme is designed for Computer Science/Software Engineering graduates. 

If you’d like to start your career with BrightGen, email us at [email protected].