Centre Your Business Around Your Customers

With customers becoming the heart and soul of any organisation, more companies are accelerating their shift to digital business. By doing that, they simultaneously reduce costs and improve online experiences for both their customers and employees. Read on for further insights into how to unlock customer-centric growth using Salesforce.

Why is Salesforce the world’s #1 CRM?

Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not just any CRM that houses client data. It allows businesses to connect and interact with customers in a way that caters to their individual needs. This allows for improved experiences and business growth. Salesforce helps companies stay connected to their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. Unlocking customer-centric growth by implementing Salesforce empowers companies to manage relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Salesforce has become the world’s #1 CRM partly due to becoming a single source of truth for every customer’s data. They refer to this valuable feature as “Customer 360”, because it connects all your customer data – online and offline. 

Salesforce offers companies the opportunity to put their customers at the centre of their business. It helps them to consume the output of traditionally complex or opaque business processes. Its capacity to help organisations and industries adopt innovative solutions means the Salesforce platform is uniquely placed to scale with the growth of its customer base.

Enhance the user experience

The best companies create memorable customer experiences across marketing, sales, and services. That becomes easier with Salesforce, especially in the Media and Entertainment sector, where customer expectations evolve at a rapid pace.

All customers, regardless of the product or service they are consuming, (rightly) expect a personalised experience. It is no longer enough to be reactive to your customers’ needs. You need to proactively engage with your customer base to offer a high-quality customer experience.

We’ve seen that organisations often have multiple and disparate data sources, be that customer data, sales data, marketing preferences, or otherwise. This makes it difficult for businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Salesforce lets you draw that data into a central source of truth, to operate more effectively. With knowledge of your customers’ interests, preferences, and questions, you can remain focused on presenting ever-better experiences.

Building a 360 degree view of the customer and making this accessible to everyone in your company allows you to interrogate this crucial data. You can then use analytics tools or AI to ensure the needs of the customer continuously inform business strategy. Every interaction with your company should be part of one great experience, not a siloed, repetitive one. This is how you build customer loyalty and long-term relationships.

Salesforce Customer 360

Customers are often on the move and may switch channels or locations many times during the lifetime of their engagement. But they still expect you to synchronise with them. With tools like Marketing or Experience Cloud, you can offer personalised journeys and communities. In this way, your customers can learn, engage, and buy into the experience you provide them with. This added value is what every organisation should strive for. Salesforce can help automate that.

How the transformation transpired

BrightGen has expanded from four people to over 160, delivering thousands of Salesforce projects during that time. We operate with four core values:


At BrightGen, we invest in becoming a trusted partner to our customers. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing by our customers – and theirs in turn.

Customer Success

Business-oriented goals are central to any project we work on – because we’re only successful if our customers are successful. Our solutions deliver maximum value.


Throughout any customer engagement, we operate with transparency driven by collaboration, sharing how we form estimates, suggest solutions and engage commercially.


Having worked with Salesforce for over 15 years, we offer a wealth of technical and business consulting expertise. We pride ourselves on the quality of our delivery.

By encompassing all of these core values, we’re able​​ to ensure our clients are happy, and their customers and employees are happy – helping them unlock customer-centric growth.

Accelerating the shift to digital business

B2B customers have come to expect the quality of their business experiences to mirror their day-to-day consumer experiences. Customer-centric growth wouldn’t be possible without having the right technology. It needs to allow personalisation and business agility across all aspects of business, both internally and externally. Salesforce backs the needs of functional C-levels by giving them a shared system around the customer, while making their own teams more productive. This enables greater productivity and fewer silos, which in turn enables company growth goals.

Digital transformation enables our customers to adapt and thrive in increasingly competitive markets. It provides the foundation and platform to encourage innovation and personalisation, which keeps customers coming back. Especially in the Media & Entertainment sector, where there were already pressures to shift to a consumer-first strategy, innovation is now firmly at the forefront. Customers now want a multi-platform, digital-first offering, with relevant and unique content. It is this content that will ultimately determine every Media and Entertainment company’s ability to retain customers, especially in a pandemic-fuelled subscription economy.

Ultimately, Salesforce becomes the platform that drives everyday business decisions, in every area. The CMO determines which channel is most effectively generating high-quality leads and ROI on which the sales team should capitalise. Or, the CEO assesses which services and products are the customer base engaging with, and which ones need work. At BrightGen, we use our Salesforce expertise to deliver business-changing solutions. We also partner with executive teams, striving for alignment across the C-suite, to drive our customers towards their strategic goals.

Just like Salesforce, at BrightGen we run our business on Salesforce, from project delivery to customer support and marketing engagement. It is a platform that ensures everybody is pulling in the same direction and removes siloed operations.

More about the BrightGen approach to Salesforce implementations

On any new business engagement, we always start with the core questions. What value will this solution add to our customer? How does it help them achieve their strategic objectives? By answering these questions, we only provide Salesforce solutions that are the foundation for success – and we always add value. After all, we are only successful if our customers are in turn. This is complemented by our technical excellence. So what we put in the hands of our customers is intuitive, innovative, and designed to scale with their growth.

Implementing Salesforce helps companies achieve speed, resilience, and relevance

By implementing Salesforce and placing it at the heart of your business, you centre your services around your customers. You can also make faster, more effective business decisions to stimulate growth.

You can digitally – and easily – connect your teams on a single platform to strengthen your first-party data from anywhere.

The flexibility, scalability, and intuitiveness of the platform enables BrightGen employees, as transformation specialists, to drive innovation at speed. It is so important for our customers to be most relevant and responsive when communicating with their customers.

Take the first step in unlocking customer-centric growth for your industry

The Media & Entertainment industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The pandemic driven-changes in consumer behaviour have forced companies that operate in the industry to think differently. How do they engage, serve, and ultimately long-term and personal relationships with this increasingly digitally-minded consumer?

In Media & Entertainment, we have seen many examples of how our customers have used Salesforce to achieve growth. Be that in advertising and subscription sales, publisher content workflow optimisation, or even personalised marketing journeys for global business information and data providers. Read our case study with Immediate Media, where they shared how they achieved it.

In addition to media, we also help other industries unlock customer-centric growth, including:

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