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4 Expert Tips to Start Your Community Rebrand

For our first customer spotlight webinar we interviewed our customer, Start Up Loans – provided by the British Business Bank – about their journey using Salesforce.

Start Up Loans’ mission is to help new and early stage UK businesses access affordable finance and mentoring support. Start Up Loans cares about the businesses they support. BrightGen is proud to have partnered with Start Up Loans for several years and has seen the company go from strength to strength using Salesforce. 

During this live discussion Start Up Loans talked about their community rebrand, and the steps they took to make it a successful project. Get the inside track on how to update a Salesforce Community with our summary below. Access the full webinar replay here.

1. Incorporate your brand into your Customer Journey 

Unify functionality, customer journey and brand to create a truly unique and compelling experience…

  • Start with high-level brand and user requirements 
  • Conduct workshops with your internal development team and your trusted Salesforce partner

Workshops are vital to: 

  • Refine requirements in much more detail
  • Create an agreed wireframe visual for collective understanding
  • Create a feel for your brand experience before you even start development

2. Develop a robust process to provide your community users with a consistent experience

  • Incorporate user feedback and continuously improve iteratively to give users the best possible experience
  • For rapid innovation and to increase the user responsiveness, start by removing legacy systems and transition entirely to an integrated platform like Salesforce
  • Brand experience via the Community is another ‘shop window’ and should reflect the quality and ease expected by Customers

3. Carry out quality assurance 

  • Uncover common Customer pain points as early as possible –  a knowledgeable Salesforce partner like BrightGen can help you design and implement a new user interface which solves Customer problems.
  • Using a Salesforce partner’s experience gained from many projects of this kind ensures that the best development and testing lifecycle is implemented. 
  • Common questions you will be asked include
    • What’s the best way to develop this, Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid?
    • Should we implement automated testing?
    • How do we manage and improve this post go-live?

4. Choose a trusted Salesforce partner 

  • BrightGen has been an expert Salesforce partner since 2007, winning several awards. We believe Salesforce is the most effective foundational technology to facilitate future business transformation. 
  • BrightGen is always happy to help, contact us for a quick no-obligation chat
  • Watch the webinar replay here to hear the full story from Start Up Loans 

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