Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Services

Accelerate Your Journey to Net Zero

The move to carbon footprint management is challenging for any organisation. BrightGen enables faster, easier carbon footprint reporting by working with you to implement Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.

And, because it is built on the Salesforce Platform, you have access to tools that facilitate collaboration, project management and reporting all in one place. It solves many of the issues with traditional carbon accounting, data gaps can be intelligently filled and you can reduce the data collection, calculation and auditing activities that once took months to weeks. Salesforce developed Net Zero Cloud primarily as their own reporting tool.

The ABC of Sustainability

Audit your carbon emissions for buildings and business travel within a few weeks using BrightGREENBrightGen’s Quick Start for Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Begin the journey to Net Zero by taking organisation-wide action on emissions – use real-time dashboards. Leave spreadsheets behind

Control carbon expenditure and involve your teams in achieving the visible milestones to reducing your carbon footprint

Understanding Emission Scopes 1, 2 and 3

Businesses can’t manage what they can’t measure. Developing a full emissions inventory allows you to identify “hot spots” in your value chain – and this insight allows your business to focus on achieving the most meaningful reductions.

♻️ Scope 1 includes direct emissions, e.g. emissions from company facilities and vehicles

♻️ Scope 2 is comprised of indirect emissions from the purchased energy

♻️ Scope 3 emissions are all indirect emissions, i.e. not included in Scope 2, that occur in your organisation’s value chain, including upstream and downstream ones.

White Paper: How to Become a Carbon Hero

How close is your organisation to achieving these goals? Are you struggling with the practicalities of measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint? Or, just finding it hard to engage people across the organisation to help drive carbon expenses down?

As always, here at BrightGen we love to help – and have hands-on experience to share in the name of saving you time and unnecessary carbon expense.

In this white paper you will find some ideas that have helped us in our own journey to Net Zero so far. Enjoy!

Gain Critical Insights Fast

We work with you to diagnose the immediate steps you can take to switch on Net Zero Cloud, putting your data securely in the cloud and in front of the people who need to see it – any time. 

Leave spreadsheets behind and leap forward – focus on managing your carbon footprint rather than recording it.

Because all your data is in one place you can soon:

  • Quickly measure your environmental impact
  • Gain actionable insights
  • Report the findings to your key stakeholders
  • Determine your climate action strategy 

The carbon inventory calculations are automated based on the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. 

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud - Sustainability Audit
Salesforce Sustainability Cloud - Climate Action Dashboard

You no longer have to check calculation accuracy in spreadsheet-driven inventories.

Net Zero Cloud generally aligns with widely used and accepted standards of greenhouse gas reporting, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol from the World Resources Institute. 

Use it as a key tool to disclose your carbon footprint to various reporting bodies.

Net Zero Cloud provides a logical workflow that is optimised for carbon footprinting. It guides you from start to finish, from identifying assets to include in your carbon inventory, to reporting out data after an external audit.

Net Zero Cloud in Four Weeks

Net Zero Cloud in four weeks
  • Week 1: 3 workshops, app installation, solution demo
  • Week 2: configuration*, carbon footprint
  • Week 3: build reports, activate dashboards
  • Week 4: demo, training**, UAT, going live!

*Includes Full Scope 1 & 2 data upload, plus Business Travel data upload
**Platform training and how to add your own Scope 3 data

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