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All your signatures, sorted

We created this app to make collecting, storing and using signatures easier. BrightSIGN allows you to record approvals digitally, whether it’s on your PC or mobile device.

It does much more than help you speed up sign-off however. The app means that entire projects can be well-managed, offering the option for signatures to be used quickly along the way. Users draw their signature on a web page, which can be saved when they’re happy it is a true likeness. The file is then stored with as many others as you need securely within Salesforce.

Features & Benefits

BrightSIGN is a Lightning Component that digitally records and stores signatures on Salesforce. It allows signing via a browser or mobile device and stores the captured signature as a Salesforce attachment or a file.

Better visibility

Capture customer sign off within Salesforce at the point of task completion


Record the signature against any object in Salesforce that supports attachments or as a Salesforce file

Easy set-up

Built using pure HTML5 means no additional libraries or browser add-ons

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