Digital Agility in Media

Transform your ad sales with BrightMEDIA

Transform Ad Sales with BrightMEDIA

BrightMEDIA gives publishers the ability to see and drive improvement within a publication cycle – the fastest way to scalable performance gains.

BrightMEDIA takes advantage of Salesforce’s cloud-based features, eliminating the need for costly on-site solutions and more easily complying with GDPR requirements.

BrightGen has a customer base of global leading media businesses. This gives us unrivalled expertise and exclusive insights into this dynamic sector.

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Complete Customer Visibility & Transparency

Built on the Salesforce Platform, BrightMEDIA extends the CRM functionality for publishers by providing them with the advertising sales tools they need. This end-to-end OMS software allows you to efficiently manage every account, including agencies and customers, with a holistic overview of all their activities.

From lead-to-cash and the analytics required to understand how you are operating, only with this understanding can you make the best and informed decisions.

Quote Creation

Tailor packages to specific audiences, networks and segments, with preset impressions for those targeted audiences. You can create favourites to identify their most used packages, enabling your sales team to sell faster and provide a better customer experience.

BrightMEDIA provides simple tools for complex tasks.  As a result, it is easy to create and modify quotes and provide different versions quickly for the customer.

Lead to Cash

Simplify invoicing with the BrightMEDIA billing module. You can bill for orders from all media streams. Consequently, you will reduce administrative work and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Create automatic or manual invoice records from the sales orders. All teams in the advertising lifecycle can use one common platform.

Reduce Silos with Collaboration

Bring your teams and departments together and provide them with one single source of the truth. Reduce business silos and give your teams the platform to succeed with real-time common data.

BrightMEDIA brings all of those things together in key areas like ad operations.  A queue-based module for digital fulfilment which brings all of your teams together, from sales to finance.

Centralise with Integrations

BrightMEDIA enables sales to create their digital line items with all the key features, such as targeting and presets. It integrates with ad servers like Google’s GAM 360 and has full bi-directional features. This lets you see what you are serving, report on what you are delivering, and bill on what you delivered.

You can see how much of your revenue you have for a particular item, all available to everyone in BrightMEDIA.

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